Alexandria Bay, New York and the Thousand Islands


HELLO. I'm Roger S. Lucas - author - editor and publisher from Buffalo New York, who has been researching and developing the "life and times" of George C. Boldt since August 1977. As a result I have self-published 8 copy written publications on Mr. Boldt for the enjoyment of those interested in history. They are all a series on Mr. Boldt’s life. In addition, I am available for colored slide presentations on Boldt Castle and Mr. Boldt's boats. I also have a traveling loan exhibit of pictures, maps, diagrams, and blueprints that are available for public display.

Boldt Castle - Heart Island           ©1992          ISBN 1-887287-00-0                        $15.00

Boldt Yacht House                         ©2006          ISBN 1-887287-05-1                        $15.00

The Wellesley Island Farms          ©2007          ISBN 1-887287-06-X                       $15.00

The Bellevue - Stratford Hotel      ©2010         ISBN 1-887287-02-7                         $20.00

The Waldorf Hotel                         ©1997          ISBN 1-887287-03-5                          $8.00

Thousand Islands Club                  ©2005          ISBN 1-887287-04-3               SOLD OUT

Boldt's Boats                                    ©1993         ISBN 1-887287-01-9               SOLD OUT

George C. Boldt - a closer look      ©1983                                                  OUT OF PRINT

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